Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Connection

  • To attach to your server remotely from a Windows machine 
  • Download the file swts01.rdp  by Clicking on this link 
  • SWTS01.rdp will be downloaded to your machine in your downloads folder or simply save to your computer
  • Double click the file, place a check mark in the certificate column.
  • The file will automatically connect.

Remote Connection for Mac

To setup Remote Desktop Connection for Mac:

  • Launch Remote Desktop Connection
  • Fill in the Computer name with
  • Before selecting 'Connect' select 'Preferences'
  • Select 'Display'
  • Click Desktop Size and select 'Full Screen'
  • Simply close tthis windows.
  • Now click 'Connect'
  • Enter your username and password. You are now connected with full screen.

Remote Desktop Setup for Chromebook

First step head over to Chrome Web Store and download Chrome RDP.

Once downloaded launch Chrome RDP from launcher.

For Host or IP address enter
For Domain enter SLSD
For Username enter Your Username
For Password enter Your Password
Click Connect
You are now connected


Copy Files via Remote Desktop

To copy and paste files from your school account to your local computer or to move a file from your home computer to your school account:
  1. Click on the remote connection icon once downloaded to your desktop
  2. Login to our system with the same login as you do at school
  3. Click on Computer and locate your home directory files
  4. Move your cursor to the top middle of your screen and a bar will appear
  5. Click on the minimize box to decrease the size of the remote connection software
  6. Cut and paste the file to your desired location
Please note that files that are very large will take a very long time to copy with this format.

Remote Connection on Tablets and Mobile

You can also connect to Shawnee Local Schools Remote Desktop Connection on Tablets and Mobile devices.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop by 2x Software LTD is availbe for Android and iPhone/iPad

Download for Android 
Download for iPhone/iPad

Setup for 2X is similar on both platforms, remote connections can be setup with the following settings:

  • RDP Connection must be selected
  • Alias: SWTS01
  • Server:
  • Port: 3389
  • Username: SLSD\username (replace username with your Shawnee login)
  • Password: Enter your password here. (if you do not enter username at this time you will be asked to enter it at login)
  • Once this information is entered simply save the settings.
*** Note for iPad/iPhone users. You must uncheck 'Connect to Console' as this is enabled by default.

To connect to Shawnee Local Schools Remote Connection simply touch SWTS01.